Learn Danish at HF&VUC NORD

HF&VUC NORD Language Center provides Danish courses, that match your qualifications and needs in order to learn Danish.

You learn to speak, understand, read, and write in Danish and you will learn about Danish culture, the job market, and social conditions.

The classes are free when you have a referral from the local municipality. 

When you learn Danish at HF&VUC NORD, you’ll gain skills in written and spoken Danish, and we can help you reach your language goals, whether that’s learning better Danish for work, feeling more at home in Denmark, or obtaining the necessary language qualifications for permanent residence or citizenship.

Typically it takes a few weeks from your registration to the start of the course.

Choose between two types of Danish Courses

Crash course

Learn Danish module 3.1 in only two weeks. You will get 24 Danish lessons in two weeks spread over four days each week.

The course ends with a test. Afterwards, you will be ready to attend Danish module 3.2.

On Campus

Learn Danish right on campus, with experienced teachers, who will help you learn the language, and understand life in Denmark.

Classes are available in the early evening from 16:15-18:30. There is also a possibility for morning classes.

All students and employees of the university are welcome to participate in classes

"Jeg er meget begejstret for at lære dansk, fordi jeg kan se fremskridt og allerede kan forstår, hvad mine danske venner taler om. I timerne snakker vi meget og har sjove aktiviteter, så det er nemt for os at huske nye ord.

Jeg ser altid frem til timerne, fordi de er meget interessante, og det føles som en sammenkomst med venner!"

- Anastasiia Aleksandrova


What are the rules about the deposit?

A deposit of 2000 dkr at your visitation interview.

You can get your deposit back when you complete your Danish education. If you wish to stop your course before you have completed your Danish education, you can only get your deposit back, if the cancellation takes place immediately after a passed module test.

When am I ready for a module test?

The language center decides when you are ready for the module test depending on your individual progress.

Am I allowed to pause my Danish education?

Yes, you are, but only between the modules, i.e after a completed and passed module test. It is important that you let the language center know, that you want to take a break before embarking on the next module. Otherwise, the next unit is automatically activated without delay in the teaching process and a started unit cannot be put on hold.

How do I sign up for Danish Course?

Fill out the form at the buttom of this page or contact our coordinator, Dan Sommersøe at 99 300 329 for futher information.

What is the registration process?

First contact:

  • You contact HF&VUC Nord (Dan@hfvucnord.dk / +4599300329)
  • HF&VUC Nord sends you a referral form to fill out

Student Data

  • You send a completed referral form back to us, along with a copy of your residence permit

DU Application

  • HF&VUC Nord applies with the municipality to start your Danish education

DU Referral (3-10 days) 

  • If your application gets accepted, your municipality of residence sends HF&VUC Nord a referral


  • HF&VUC Nord sends the DU referral to one of our visitators
  • The visitators arrange a date & time for a visitation with you
  • After the visitation you'll be charged for the deposit

Completed visitation (5-10 days)

  • Your visitation returns to HF&VUC Nord and if the deposit is paid, we'll return the completed application to your municipality of residence.
  • HF&VUC Nord completes the sign-up for your Danish lessons

Danish Lessons start (1-2 days)

  • You will now get a start-up letter with the information about your Danish lessons, including date, time and location




Fill out the form below or call our administration at 99 300 329 for further information.